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Sollicitatie Hoofd MV lab Engels 2015

Sollicitatie Labhoofd Biotech 2015 English

Sollicitatie labhoofd Biotech 2015

Sollicitatie labhoofd Microbiovet lab 2015

Aangepast Vacature extern Manager Kwaliteitszorg 2017 06 13 final

Manager Bosmanagement 2017 10 30

Carrieredag Bos- en

Verken je
   in de bos- en natuursector
   Woensdag 27 juni 2012
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Launch Specialist
Journal “Bos en Natuur
   April 2010
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Laboratorium folder Januari 2014”
   Januari 2014
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ACT-Suriname gaat samenwerking aan met CELOS
   December 2017
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Reports Passed Events:
Proceedings CELOS Forest
   Management System
   (7 April 2006)
Seminar about Land use and
   Amazon Initiative
   (7 March 2006)
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National Conservation Priority Setting Workshop

In January 2002 a National Conservation Priority Setting Workshop was
hosted by Conservation International- Suriname. The goal of this event was
to inventorize the existence of relevant data regarding conservation of the
country. NARENA provided GIS-technology for the production of several
thematic maps, on which the participants could draw the most important
areas, that should be considered as most vulnerable, threatened, or no
information available. This exercise resulted in a gap- analysis and a clear vision of what areas should be taken into account when prioritizing conservation sites.

Guayana Shield Conservation Priority Setting Workshop
From 5 to 9 April 2002 the Guayana Shield Conservation Priority Setting
Workshop was held in Paramaribo. The workshop was funded by Conservation
International (CI), in cooperation with the Netherlands Committee for
IUCN and the Caribbean Sub-regional Resource Facility of UNDP. The
Guayana Shield, extending from Venezuela into Guyana, Suriname, Guyane
Française, Colombia and Brazil, constitutes one of the largest expanses of
undisturbed tropical rainforest in the world.

In collaboration with CI-Washington, NARENA prepared a GIS-lab on site,
where the inputs of about 120 experts from 10 countries were instantly
converted to maps and integrated over and over again in order to get a good overviewof the biodiversity across the region, and develop consensus around both the geographic priorities and conservation needs.





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